Immersive Gaming Content

Providing casual, scare-free gaming content.

Our Games

We strive to create immersive, engaging, casual gaming content for virtual reality.

Our Features

Providing casual, scare-free gaming content
Regular Updates

We strive to update our games on a regular basis. We plan to update our games with additional content, game play enhancements and bug fixes regularly.
Diverse Game Content

It's no secret that virtual reality is a great genre for horror. However, we work to diversify immersive gaming content currently available on the market. Not everyone enjoys having enemies rush at you or bloody scenes. We'll keep it clean and scare free.
Multi-Platform Support

Our games will support a variety of platforms. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will be rolled out first. Want our games available on another platform? Let us know and we'll work on making it happen.